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Automotive - EMEA

An automotive brand sought to expand into the South African market by launching a B2C lower funnel campaign to increase brand awareness and reach potential customers.

The campaign aimed to attract broad-interest audiences by using special audiences, visitors, and viewers for prospecting, the designed the campaign to target individuals who had previously expressed interest in similar automotive brands or had interacted with automotive-related content.

A retargeting strategy was implemented which focused on capturing potential customers who had visited the company's website but had not converted. They used targeted ads to encourage these individuals to return to the site and engage with the brand further.

The B2C lower funnel campaign generated nine leads, exceeding the initial goal by over 300%. The campaign's budget was 6,000 euros, resulting in a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) of 166 euros. This CPA was lower than the initial target, indicating that the campaign was successful in reaching the right audience and generating leads at a reasonable cost.

The campaign's success by combining broad-interest audiences with retargeting efforts, this maximized the campaign's impact and reach the company's desired audience in South Africa.

The automotive brand's successful expansion into South Africa demonstrates the importance of having a well-planned and executed digital marketing campaign.

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