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Beauty, Fashion and Streetwear Retailer - Europe

Retailer's Success on Social Media

The Beauty, Fashion, and Streetwear retailer saw an opportunity to tap into the Gen Z audience on TikTok. They employed various social media strategies to establish themselves as a prominent brand. By using tentpole campaigns and a mix of organic, paid, and influencer strategies, they achieved impressive numbers on social media platforms.

In just one quarter, the paid media spend drove 32.9 million impressions, reaching 6.9 million users alone on TikTok. Furthermore, the retailer saw a 12.53% average brand lift rate (Aug-Dec '21) on Facebook Shopping Lives, and a 33% increase in reach YoY.

The retailer's Cyber Monday Paid Campaign on TikTok garnered an impressive 42% average engagement rate. They also saw a 54% average engagement rate across TikTok and Instagram for their Beauty Chanel campaign. However, their Instagram account only had an average engagement rate of 1.34%.

Through their approach, the retailer established themselves as a strong player on social media, and their efforts paid off with a significant increase in brand recognition and engagement across various platforms.

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