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Beauty Retailer Growth Across Meta - Europe

Beauty Brand Case Study

Client Overview:
Our client is a leading beauty brand that specializes in makeup and skincare products. They approached us with the aim of increasing their online sales and driving more traffic to their website. Their primary goal was to achieve a higher Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) with an allocated a monthly budget of £5,000 for paid campaigns.

Challenges Faced:
Our client faced intense competition in the beauty industry, with several established brands competing for the same target audience. The client also had to contend with a rapidly changing consumer landscape, with the rise of e-commerce platforms and social media making it more challenging to stand out and drive sales.

Solutions Offered:
To achieve the client’s goals, we devised a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that focused on maximizing the ROI of their monthly ad spend. Our approach included the following key elements:

Interest Targeting:
We used Facebook’s interest targeting feature to reach potential customers who were interested in beauty, makeup, and skincare products. By targeting users who had previously engaged with beauty content on Facebook, we were able to ensure that the client’s ads were shown to the people most likely to make a purchase.

Campaign Budget Optimization:
We used Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) feature to optimize the client’s ad spend across all their campaigns. This allowed us to allocate budget more efficiently and effectively, ensuring that the client’s ads were performing well across all platforms.

Evergreen Campaigns:
We created evergreen campaigns that would run continuously, with fresh creatives and messaging that would keep the ads engaging and relevant. By testing and optimizing the ad creatives regularly, we were able to ensure that the client’s ads were always performing at their best.

Results Achieved:
Our efforts yielded impressive results for the client, including:

A 4x increase in ROAS, up from 2x a month. This exceeded the client’s target and demonstrated that our digital marketing strategy was highly effective.
A significant increase in website traffic and engagement, with more users visiting the client’s website and engaging with their content.

A higher conversion rate for website visitors, indicating that the client’s website was highly effective at converting visitors into customers.
A significant increase in brand awareness and recognition, with more users becoming aware of the client’s brand and products.

Our digital marketing strategy helped the client achieve their goals of increasing online visibility, driving sales, and maximizing the ROI of their ad spend. By using interest targeting, campaign budget optimization, and evergreen campaigns, we were able to exceed the client’s expectations and deliver impressive results. The client was highly satisfied with our work, and we continue to work with them to drive even more growth and success in the future.

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