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Bridgestone's First Olympic Sponsorship Campaign



Challenge: As Bridgestone's first Olympic sponsorship campaign, the challenge was to reach a wide audience across Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. With a media spend of 400K across EMEA campaigns, the task was to create a campaign that would appeal to millions of people and drive brand awareness for Bridgestone.

Solution: As the manager of the team responsible for delivering the campaign, I developed a strategic plan that combined paid and organic social media tactics. This included influencer partnerships, creative ad placements, and engaging video content to capture the attention of the target audience. We also worked to optimize the campaign through continuous testing and analysis, ensuring that our message resonated with our audience.

Results: Our efforts paid off, with the Bridgestone campaign reaching over 20 million people across social media. Through the use of strategic media placements, our team exceeded the target reach by 33%. We also generated a high level of engagement, with over 2.5 million people engaging with our content. As a result of the campaign, we increased brand awareness and helped to establish Bridgestone as a leader in the Olympic sponsorship space.

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