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Delivering an Effective Paid Strategy for Brother and Securing the Lead Agency Role for Social Chain US



Challenge: Brother, a leading provider of printing and imaging solutions, was looking for a partner to help them develop and execute a successful paid social media strategy. They needed a team that could help them stand out from their competitors and capture their target audience's attention effectively.

Solution: As the Paid Social Director at Social Chain US, I worked closely with the internal departments withing Social Chaing to develop a joint deliver a winning organic and paid social media strategy. I leveraged my experience and expertise to develop a comprehensive plan aligned with Brother's goals and objectives. I also supported the wider team and delivered the strategy in support of the pitch deck.

Results: Our paid social media strategy played a significant role in securing the lead agency role for Social Chain US. Our strategy helped Brother stand out from their competitors, capture their target audience's attention, and achieve their marketing goals, paving the way for a long-term partnership with Social Chain US.

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