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Delivering Data-Driven Insights for Blue-Chip Clients



Challenge: As a researcher, I was tasked to provide data-driven insights to clients, which involved creating over 65 market research reports using tools such as Brandwatch, WGSN, Google Analytics, and Google Trends. My main challenge was to pitch trends and social insights to clients in a way that was clear, concise, and compelling.

Solution: To tackle this challenge, I focused on storytelling with data, using various data visualization techniques to help clients easily understand complex information. I also made sure to tailor each report to the specific needs of the client, ensuring that the insights provided were relevant and actionable. This approach allowed me to provide insights for blue-chip clients such as McDonald's, O2, Adidas, BoConcept, and Warner Bros.

Results: One of my most significant achievements was delivering data insights on O2's community, which was crucial in steering the strategic development of a pitch to grow the Priority reward scheme. The pitch won The Marketing Store agency a multi-million-pound contract with O2. My work helped clients make informed decisions and develop effective strategies based on real-time data and social insights.

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