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Design and Social Media Success for Fremantle



Challenge: As a designer and social media producer at Fremantle, I was responsible for creating and executing content plans, video content, and graphics to support organic and paid social media campaigns. One of the biggest challenges was to create engaging and visually appealing content that would drive high watch time on social media platforms for their popular shows.

Solution: For The Apprentice, I created a group chat design for all the participants each week, which organically drove high watch time on Facebook. This resulted in increased engagement and a boost in viewership. I also created a social content editorial plan for a show called ‘This Is My Song,’ featuring Naughty Boy. By understanding the show's audience and themes, I was able to create a tailored plan that resonated with viewers and increased engagement.

Results: Thanks to my design and social media expertise, The Apprentice saw an increase in organic reach and engagement, with high watch time on Facebook. The show's final episode, as well as episodes 10, 9, and 8, all received positive feedback from viewers, with high engagement rates on social media. For ‘This Is My Song,’ my social content editorial plan helped increase engagement and awareness for the show, with a significant increase in the number of followers across social media platforms.

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