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Domino’s Pizza Joint Promotion with Ben & Jerry’s Case Study


Domino's Pizza

Challenge: As a client-side manager for Domino’s Pizza, I delivered a joint promotion with Ben & Jerry’s in partnership with Unilever. The challenge was to create a successful marketing campaign across various platforms and exceed all sales targets.

Solution: I coordinated with various agencies to create a UK social and PPC campaign, as well as a radio and Spotify advert, to promote the joint promotion with Ben & Jerry’s. I also oversaw the production of print campaigns across the UK and ROI. Additionally, I managed a promotion across social, PPC, and digital platforms in ROI, which generated the most sales to date, exceeding PPC sales from previous years. I also produced digital PPC and marketing assets, along with Facebook promotions, with various agencies that all exceeded their targets.

Results: Thanks to our joint promotion campaign, Domino’s Pizza exceeded all sales targets. The promotion generated the most sales to date in ROI, surpassing all previous years' PPC sales. Our digital PPC and marketing assets, as well as Facebook promotions, exceeded all targets set by the various agencies. Overall, our joint promotion with Ben & Jerry’s was a huge success, and the collaboration with Unilever was fruitful.

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