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Driving Engagement for Universal's E!Online Social



Challenge: As NBC Universal planned to air shows on their E!Online channel, they needed social media support to drive engagement and increase viewership. They were looking for an experienced social media manager to help with the social media activity of the channel.

Solution: As a social media manager, I provided social media support for E!Online by implementing Tweetalongs to shows such as The Kardashians and Body Revenge. I also provided copywriting services for E! News, releasing news posts on Twitter and Meta to keep their audience informed and engaged.

Results: My efforts resulted in increased engagement and viewership for NBC Universal's E!Online channel. The Tweetalongs helped to create a sense of community and excitement around their shows, while the news posts kept their audience informed and engaged. As a result, the social media activity of the channel was successful in supporting the planned airing of shows.

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