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EMEA Paid Campaigns for Volvo



EMEA Paid Campaigns for Volvo

Challenge: As a Paid Social Director, I was asked to manage a team of seven senior and junior executives to deliver Volvo's EMEA paid campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Our primary challenge was to launch campaigns across new and existing EMEA markets while meeting the KPIs.

Solution: To ensure successful campaign delivery, we introduced a measurement strategy and optimized media buying in partnership with C-level clients. By analyzing data across different channels, we were able to improve ad performance and identify new areas of growth for the campaign.

Results: Our team successfully launched paid campaigns across new and existing EMEA markets, resulting in increased brand awareness and engagement. Through our data-driven approach and collaboration with c-level clients, we were able to optimize media buying and drive performance, resulting in a positive ROI for the campaigns.

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