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Enhancing Social Media Advertising Campaigns for Monster UK & Ireland: A Comprehensive Paid Strategy


Monster UK & Ireland

Challenge: Monster UK & Ireland wanted to improve their social media advertising campaigns on Twitter and Meta. They wanted to increase engagement and reach their target audience with a paid advertising strategy.

Solution: As a social media manager, I created a comprehensive paid strategy for Monster UK & Ireland and oversaw the development of a Promoted Trend on Twitter. I developed a paid editorial calendar and assets for their B2B and B2C campaigns, implemented social analytics and cross-channel strategies across every stage of the marketing full, and analyzed campaign performance. To ensure the success of the campaigns, I worked with various partners such as King and Warner Bros. Entertainment. I also provided valuable insights and recommendations that helped to optimize their social media advertising efforts.

Results: My efforts resulted in a significant improvement in engagement and reached for Monster UK & Ireland. The paid editorial calendar and assets that I developed helped to increase their brand awareness and improve their social media presence. The cross-channel strategies and campaign analysis helped them to identify areas for improvement, resulting in better-performing campaigns overall.

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