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Growing Nest's Smart Home Technology Social Media Presence in Europe


Google Nest Home

Challenge: Nest, Google’s leading smart home technology company, needed to establish a strong social media presence in five European markets while maintaining consistent branding and delivering engaging content to its growing audience.

Solution: I oversaw the managed Nest's social media accounts in these markets, planning a mix of brand and original assets to capture their audience's attention. We also focused on local community management, responding to comments and messages in the local language to increase engagement. Additionally, we provided reporting insights to help Nest understand what content resonated with its audience and adjust its strategy accordingly.

Results: In just 18 months, our social media strategy helped Nest's Facebook community in the EU grow from 0 to 84,000 followers. By providing relevant and engaging content, we were able to establish a loyal following and increase engagement with Nest's brand. Additionally, our reporting insights allowed Nest to gain a better understanding of its audience's preferences and make data-driven decisions to improve its social media strategy. Overall, our efforts helped Nest establish a strong social media presence in Europe and connect with its target audience in a meaningful way.

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