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How Suzuki Leveraged Reality TV Sponsorships to Drive Social Engagement



Challenge: Suzuki sponsored reality TV shows Gogglebox, The X Factor, and Britain's Got Talent. They needed to maximize their social presence during the live shows to increase engagement and brand awareness.

Solution: As the social media manager, I managed the editorial calendar and community engagement across Suzuki's social channels during the live shows. I delivered live scripted content week after week, tailored to each show's audience and designed to drive engagement. I coordinated with Take That, who was also sponsoring the shows, to create joint content, increasing Suzuki's reach and visibility.

Results: Our efforts paid off, and we saw significant increases in engagement and brand awareness. Our live scripted content during the shows drove engagement on Twitter, with users excitedly discussing and sharing our content. Our partnership with Take That helped to increase our reach and audience, resulting in heightened brand awareness and social presence.

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