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Love Beauty and Planet - Launching Social Channels and Executing a Successful Influencer Campaign



Challenge: Unilever's first vegan product range, Love Beauty and Planet, needed to make a strong debut on social media to reach its target audience and create brand awareness. As the social media manager for the brand, my challenge was to launch and establish its social media channels and execute a successful influencer campaign.

Solution: To achieve our goals, I started by creating a content series that focused on the brand's mission of providing sustainable and ethically sourced beauty products. I then managed the editorial calendar and handled all copywriting for the social media channels. I also executed the content, including graphics and videos, to create visually appealing and engaging posts.

To drive more engagement and reach, I designed and executed a micro-influencer campaign. The campaign targeted influencers in the beauty and lifestyle niches who shared the brand's ethos and values and who had a significant following on social media.

Results The launch of Love Beauty and Planet's social media channels and the subsequent influencer campaign was a resounding success. In just a few months, the brand's social media following grew rapidly, with a high engagement rate and impressive reach. The influencer campaign brought in a new audience, and the posts generated a significant amount of user-generated content (UGC). The UGC further amplified the brand's reach and engagement rate.

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