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Paid Reporting for Cambridge Diet 1:1


Cambridge Diet 1:1

Challenge: Cambridge Diet 1:1 is a well-established weight management consultancy, but it wanted to increase their reach and acquire new subscribers by implementing paid social activities.

Solution: We worked with Cambridge Diet 1:1 to develop a paid social activity that would attract healthy eaters to subscribe or book appointments with their consultants and utilize their vast archive of recipes. Our team ran in-feed and ad network placements on Meta, boosting organic content by targeting engagers in the last 90 Days, Homepage Visitors, email subscribers, LAL audience on Facebook/Instagram, and interest audiences. We also monitored optimization against CPA based on a 7-day click attribution window.

Results: Our paid social activity resulted in significant success for Cambridge Diet 1:1. The top-performing static driving website contact was the Consultant Reunion posts on Facebook, which drove +2.19% ER vs. the average benchmark. Real-life case studies across video content drove the most reactions, comments, and subscribers, indicating that this was a particularly effective strategy for Cambridge Diet 1:1.

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