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Paid Social Reporting: Cravendale Achieved Outstanding Results from Influencer Campaigns



Challenge: Cravendale, a leading milk brand in the UK, was looking to improve its digital marketing efforts by implementing a paid social advertising campaign. The company hired me as their social media manager to manage their paid social reporting and provide a strategy for future campaigns.

Solution: The main objective of the campaign was to increase brand awareness and engagement among the target audience. The key performance indicators (KPIs) were set to achieve a low cost per impression (CPM), high reach, and a high number of ThruPlays.

I conducted an in-depth analysis of Cravendale's target audience and identified the social media platforms that would work best for the brand. After creating a detailed campaign strategy, I executed the campaign on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Results The results of the campaign exceeded all expectations. On Facebook and Instagram, we achieved a low CPM of 22% vs. the forecasted rate, resulting in a strong overall reach of +225% vs. the planned forecast and +143% ThruPlays. Influencer content also proved to be effective, with a +199% increase in ThruPlays. The YouTube campaign also surpassed the planned reach, achieving a +55% increase vs. forecasted.

Based on the results, I recommended that Cravendale continue using paid social advertising to promote its brand. I also suggested that the company should focus on developing more influencer partnerships and invest in video content for future campaigns.

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