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Social Listening and Reporting for Adidas International



Challenge: Adidas International wanted to stay ahead of the competition in the dynamic sportswear market by staying up-to-date with the latest trends and social insights. They needed a partner who could provide data-driven insights and recommendations to help them optimize their social media strategies.

Solution: As a social media analyst, I created over 65 market research reports, utilizing various data sources, such as Brandwatch, WGSN, Google Analytics, and Google Trends, to pitch trends and social insights to clients. I used social listening on Pulsar and Brandwatch to track Adidas' social stunts and campaigns, store launches, and Predator product launches. I provided insights and recommendations to Adidas' marketing team on how to optimize their social media strategies based on the latest trends and social insights.

Results: With my help, Adidas International was able to gain valuable insights into its audience's preferences and behavior. In particular, I provided insights on Adidas' Mo Salah 'walking on water stunt,' demonstrating how many millions of people celebrated Adidas' organic social publicity stunt. By leveraging these insights, Adidas International was able to optimize its social media campaigns and stay ahead of the competition.

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