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Revamped and Refreshed: 3 New Changes to the Google Ads Dashboard for Simplified Paid Advertising

Are you looking for a better and more user-friendly Google Ads dashboard? Google Ads is now testing new designs that improve organization and simplify the process of finding information. This trial is currently limited to a small number of accounts. Here are the top changes:

  1. New Navigation Menu - Google Ads now has a new and more efficient navigation menu that provides access to all its tools and features from one location, instead of the three previously in use. The new design simplifies the process of locating where you need to go and enables you to track your location within the interface more easily. Additionally, there is now a “Create” button, making it simpler to establish campaigns and ad groups by clicking on the “plus” button located in one convenient location.

  2. Reorganized Interface - The tools and features have been reorganized to make them easier to locate by grouping related tasks together. Two new categories have been introduced to highlight the key elements crucial to campaign success:

  • Goals: This category emphasizes goals and conversion measurements, merging them into one location.

  • Audiences, Keywords, and Content: This category combines the tools used to determine who you want to reach and the methods you reach them, including Search Keywords, Audiences, Locations, and Content.

Search keywords have been consolidated with the other tools that assist in determining who sees your ads. Additionally, the four menu categories have undergone some changes, with Campaigns, Assets, Tools, and Insights and reports now being combined.

  1. Refreshed Look and Feel - Google Ads' redesigned interface includes more white space, which provides a less distracting environment to complete tasks. Additionally, the font has been altered from Roboto to Google Sans, which is larger, resulting in improved readability. Furthermore, the navigation has been updated with sleek new icons, and a blue highlight has been added to emphasize the current location within the user experience.

The redesigns should offer a more intuitive and user-friendly interface that is tailored to meet advertisers’ needs. The new design is better organized, with grouped tools and features that are easier to locate, and it offers a more consistent and efficient experience. As Google Ads assesses the impact of these changes based on user feedback, it is expected that they will be implemented more widely. Stay tuned for more updates on these changes! Source: Search Engine Land

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