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TikTok Ads: How Smart Performance Campaign Can Help You Achieve Optimized Marketing Results

TikTok is more than just a social media platform, it's a community of highly engaged users who are ready to take action. And as the platform continues to grow, it's becoming a prime location for brands looking to connect with their target audiences. To help businesses take advantage of this opportunity, TikTok has developed a suite of performance solutions, including their newest addition, Smart Performance Campaign.

Smart Performance Campaign is TikTok's first end-to-end automation solution that leverages machine learning to optimize for best performance and marketing goals. With Smart Performance Campaign, advertisers can connect with the right audiences, drive business growth, and deliver real value that meets their marketing objectives. This hands-off solution is designed to run performance campaigns at scale while reducing the number of manual steps needed to drive results.

Getting started with Smart Performance Campaign is easy. Advertisers simply need to provide their marketing objective, budget, country, and creative assets, and TikTok's machine learning algorithms will take care of the rest. This solution is perfect for businesses that are new to TikTok and want to test general performance with little effort, as well as for highly performance-oriented advertisers who are looking for further optimized results.

Early tests of Smart Performance Campaign have been promising, with over 80% of campaigns outperforming manually set up campaigns. For example, Bolt, one of TikTok's early adopters, used Smart Performance Campaign to boost the acquisition of new riders in South Africa. The 14-day A/B test campaign generated 40% more purchase actions and lowered CPA by 27%. The success of the campaign has led Bolt to roll out Smart Performance Campaign across additional markets.

Smart Performance Campaign will be globally available for Android App Promotion campaigns at the end of the month, with more solutions for iOS and Website Campaigns to come later this year. If you're interested in testing this new solution, contact your TikTok partner to get started.

In summary, TikTok's Smart Performance Campaign is an exciting new solution for advertisers looking to connect with highly engaged audiences and drive business growth. With machine learning at its core, Smart Performance Campaign is designed to optimize for best performance and marketing goals, while reducing the number of manual steps needed to drive results.

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